my journey to becoming a runner

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weren't you already here?

So I made it to Saturday morning Bodypump. I can really tell I am going three times per week. My body is kind of in a permanent state of pain. Not like intense pain, but soreness. I am always aware of whatever muscle I am moving. And without the three or four days to recooperate, it's just always there. In time, I suppose I will get used to it; at least the soreness tells me I've been doing something. And I always give myself one day in between lifting sessions so my body can recover slightly. I would like to record what weights I use so two months from now I can look back and think, wow I sure was a wimp before I started going three times a week.
  • Warm-up: Medium & Small
  • Squats: Large & Medium
  • Chest: Medium
  • Back: Medium & Small
  • Triceps: Medium & Small
  • Biceps: Medium
  • Shoulders: Medium (mixed with Small)

Then I made it back to the gym this afternoon to get some cardio done. I worked on the treadmill for 60 minutes. The first half I spent running/walking and the last 20 minutes I spent walking uphill. When I signed in this afternoon the guy behind the counter said: Weren't you already here?


BrandyGirl said...

Glad to hear you made it back for your cardio!

Erin said...

Good for you for going back! I can always find some excuse for not going back.

Erin said...

And I'm so impressed by your weights in BodyPump. I still have to use just the small weights or maybe a small/medium for most everything.